Norautron Group AS is a global technology group. We offer flexible electronics manufacturing services and provide industrial IT solutions from our companies in Norway, Sweden, Poland and China.

We also design, construct and industrialize electronics products for our customers.

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Norautron provides, through it’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies the full range of services in a product life cycle.The services are ranging from test development, prototyping industrialization to sourcing and manufacturing of electronics, electro mechanics and mechanics. Norautron is a trusted and highly competent, flexible and cost effective partner for a number of global players that help improve their competitive edge. Norautron headquarters are situated in Horten, 80 km south of Oslo





Elektronix Com-Scan AS offer customized industrial PC solutions, and industrial network and communication products. Elektronix Com-Scan AS i known by high quality, competitive prices, short lead-time together with a competent, responsive and flexible service staff. The company develops its own DNV certified solutions to customer specifications and is the largest engross for ITV solutions in Norway. Based on more than 30 years of experience, technology development and progressive partnerships, the task is to provide the viability of the customers and to the various markets. Elektronix Com-Scan headquarters are situated at Lysaker, 10 km south of Oslo Norway.