Technology companies ABAX as and Norautron as have signed a three year manufacturing contract to the value of 200 million Norwegian kroner. The deal enables ABAX to move all production back to Norway.

“It has been a goal of ours for a long time to consolidate and automate production in one place. Advanced robot technology, high level skills within prototyping and product manufacturing as well as proximity to our headquarters in Larvik were contributing factors behind our choice of Norautron,” says managing director of ABAX as, Petter Quinsgaard.
The deal between the two companies from Larvik and Horten means that Norautron will start up production of hardware for ABAX from January 2017. The company will deliver both prototypes of new products for market, in addition to mainstream manufacturing services of the ABAX range of electronic log books and tracking products.
“We are particularly pleased to have won this significant contract. The manufacturing solutions we will set up for ABAX products will include a substantial element of automation. This will demand close cooperation with ABAX in the time to come and is completely in line with our strategic choice of automation and robotization for profitable manufacturing production in Norway,” says Øyvind Sedivy, managing director of Norautron.
The deal helps to secure existing jobs at Norautron as well as opening up new market areas for the company.
“This contract gives Norautron a presence within new market segments with the opportunities this brings,” says Bengt Sundberg, Key Account Manager at Norautron.

The teams from ABAX and Norautron signing the contract. From left to right: Kjetil Lassen (ABAX), Håvard Østby (Norautron), Bjørn Erik Helgeland (ABAX), Bengt Sundberg (Norautron), Tor Engebretsen (ABAX) and Geir Morten Wold (ABAX)

The ABAX products to be manufactured by Norautron.

For further information:
Petter Quinsgaard, CEO ABAX as: +47 909 12 277,
Øyvind Sedivy, CEO Norautron as: +47 959 00 730,

About the companies:

ABAX as, which is owned by Norvestor Equity Ltd AS, is large market player within the sales and development of electronic log books for the private and corporate vehicle market as well as fleet management control systems and equipment tracking.  ABAX has 320 employees and sites in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, The Netherlands and China.  The company`s headquarters are in Larvik.


Norautron as is a leading manufacturer of electronics.  The company has production facilities in Norway, Sweden, Poland and China and provides services within test development, prototyping, PCBA, electro-mechanics, advanced system building and integration.  Norautron`s is headquartered  in Horten. The company has 700 employees and in 2015 had revenues of 1 billion NOK.