ABAX has extended their commitment with Norautron through 2020  –  value at least NOK300 millions

ABAX is one of the fastest growing telematic companies in Europe and was recently acquired by Investcorp, a global private equity company. Investcorp intends to keep and expand ABAX from their HQ in Larvik, Norway. It is “full steam ahead”, which is good news for Norautron! To support the growth and secure production capacity for ABAX, the current Frame Work Agreement has been extended through 2020. This allows Norautron to invest in robotic manufacturing cells. (see separate article on this topic).

Earlier this year it was announced that ABAX had secured a contract with Chinese Sinochem, a Fortune 200 company. To support ABAX in China, Norautron has also begun manufacturing of ABAX hardware at the Suzhou facility. This new milestone in our co-operation was celebrated by a grand opening.

In addition to this, ABAX is also manufactured at our Poland facility.

ABAX is a great example of  the Norautron «Ease of Transfer Concept». This means business which is originated at one site can be seamlessly transferred to another Norautron manufacturing site to support our clients needs and growth.

«Be local and serve Global».