Norautron, a company in EMBRON Group,  is a full service electronics manufacturer established in 1989. We offer customers flexible and cost effective services, that help improve their competitive edge. Norautron provides services ranging from design, test development, prototyping, PCBA, cable harnessing, electromechanics, advanced box build, system integration, industrialization to product lifecycle management and after sales services. We are a trusted and highly competent partner for a number of global players. Norautron headquarters are situated in Horten, 80 km south of Oslo.

In 2019, Norautron celebrated 30 years as an electronics manufacturer (read more).



With its roots in the electromechanical and electronics industry based in Horten, Norautron was established at Falkensten Næringspark in 1989. At that time we had 26 employees and a turnover of 13 MNOK (MUSD 1.9). In 1999 we moved into new facilities at Horten Industripark, which is where we are today. Through our stable and long term ownership, combined with a competent, sustainable workforce, we have built and maintain positive growth in a controlled manner. In 1993 we added Norautron AB in Sweden to the Group and in 2006 Norautron Suzhou in China was established. Along the way we have also developed partnerships and collaborations with other strategic international partners. Today we have grown to approximately 800 permanent employees and had, in 2020, a turnover of 1255 MNOK (147 MUSD).




“We shall have the resources required”


  • Employees with the right skills
  • Top quality equipment and systems
  • Sufficient capacity


“We shall be totally dedicated to the task”


  • Customer focused
  • Satisfied employees in a flexible organization
  • Safety through HSE


“We shall be cost-efficient”


  • Do more with less
  • Continuous improvement through Lean
  • Benefit from our global footprint


“Quality shall be our top priority”


  • Zero defects goal
  • Standardization through IPC
  • Focus on risk reduction


We always strive to become better in everything we do, all the way from efficiency and quality to the way we influence the local society and the environment.

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