Norautron`s vision is only attainable through the quality and efficiency of the people who work for us and we pride ourselves in and look after our dedicated and competent workforce.  Do you thrive on taking responsibility while contributing to multi-faceted teamwork in a fast-moving environment; have the required skills, experience and attitude and want to work for a company experiencing positive growth in a controlled manner?  If so,  then maybe we can interest you in joining us!  

We currently have the following vacancies open, but please check back regularly as new openings frequently turn up:



Norautron søker operatører

Vi er for tiden i sterk vekst og søker kvalitetsbevisste operatører innenfor følgende områder i produksjon: Forbedrende aktiviteter til monteringsmaskiner Kjøring av monteringsmaskiner Betjening av maskiner for automatisk optisk inspeksjon Kjøring av loddemaskiner...