Easee and Norautron enter new agreement and thus ensure production at Norautron Group for 5 new years. The agreement is worth more than 100 mill. Euro for Norautron’s factories.

The two companies have worked togehter since the start-up of Easee in 2018 and are now renewing the good collaboration for another 5 years. As before, the agreement involves both prototyping, production, assembly, logistics and after sales services of Easee’s smart charging robot for electric vehicles.

-We look forward to continuing the good cooperation with Easee for another 5 years. Easee is an exciting and innovative company with a big heart for Norwegian value cration. At the same time, they are also a strategically important customer for Norautron Group within the green tech segment. We are both proud and humbled that Easee place their trust in us as an Electronics Manufacturer, says sales manager Bengt Sundberg and CEO Øyvind Sedivy at Norautron.

Already since the start-up of Easee in 2018, the charging robot company has experienced an adventurous growth.

-It has been an incredible journey with Easee since the start-up in 2018. The company has grown at an enormous rate, which has placed great demands on us as an Electronics Manufacturer. In order to meet the required production volumes, we have, in collaboration with Easee had a strong focus on automation and robotisation of the production processes. This way, we create exciting, future-oriented jobs, while we at the same time get to utilize our resources in the best possible way, concludes Øyvind Sedivy.

Bilde av Easee laderoboter montert på veggen hos elektronikkprodusent Norautron.