Following fast-paced growth in recent years, the Norwegian supplier of smart, electric vehicle chargers, Easee, this week signed a new three-year agreement with a potential value of more than NOK 520 million with the Norwegian electronics producer Norautron.

Easee enters new three year production agreement with Norautron

The Stavanger-based company Easee saw an incredibly strong first year, with growth both structurally and on the sales side. The company has since gone from 3 employees to 21 and with over 25,000 chargers sold in 9 different countries across Europe. In 2019, they reached a turnover of 95MNOK with 19,000 sold charging robots. By 2020, their goal is 50,000 sold charging robots and a turnover of 250MNOK.
In 2018, Easee entered an agreement with Norautron that included both prototyping, production, assembly and logistics services. With a common goal of delivering smart charging robots of the highest quality, the collaboration has paid off. This week a new agreement was signed, with Easee and Norautron extending their cooperation. The agreement has a potential value of more than NOK 520 million and extends over 3 years.

About the collaboration with Norautron, Jonas Helmikstøl, CEO and Founder of Easee says the following:

-Easee has a conscious strategy to develop and produce in Norway. In these Corona times, it has also been extra important for our company to ensure predictability through Norwegian production. It has therefore been essential for us to choose a production partner who is best in their field and who can help us grow in the years to come. Norautron has shown determination, willingness and ability and we would not have been where we are today without them.

Easee’s tremendous growth in recent years has been an exciting journey, not only for Easee themselves, but also for Norautron who has been involved from the beginning.

-I’ve witnessed many exciting client journeys, but I’ve got to say, Easee is something special. I love working with Easee! Says Bengt Sundberg, Key Account Manager for Easee at Norautron.

-We compliment each other very well. Easee are highly competent within technology while we take care of the manufacturing and logistics part. In the turbulence we see globally today, securing Norwegian, local production and industrial growth is of great value. We are both thankful and proud of our collaboration with Easee. When a partnership is based on mutual trust and openness, it’s amazing what can be achieved, concludes Øyvind Sedivy, CEO of Norautron AS.