Ellen Aas-Nilsen is joining Norautron as their new Marketing & Sustainability Manager. Ellen started in October of this year and is already well on her way on pursuing the Marketing & Sustainability journey that Norautron has started.

Ellen has a background from several international companies and been engaged in several large brands like TrioVing/Assa Abloy, Grundig, IPC Foma and Zenitel. “I started my career in my early twenties in TrioVing and climbed the career ladder there, ending up in the Marketing department. I stayed there for over 11 years, so I have great experience working for a larger production company, connecting across the departments there for many years.”
Now she is on a quest to build the Norautron brand and implement Sustainability in the core of the business moving forward.
“I have always had a passion for Marketing, engaging people when telling the stories. In addition to that it has been a wish for a long time to be able to work with something so relevant and important as sustainability, and to my luck I found this position with Norautron, and they are willing to invest a lot in this subject moving forward.”
Norautron has a strong growth in the market today, and together with the established focus on sustainability they are also putting up a new website and continuing to develop their profile in the industry.
“Management has given me a good direction and freedom to develop plans for both areas, and we are well on our way in our website project. Our focus moving forward will be to communicate clearly our areas of expertise, and we are looking for new ways to attract new prospects and customers and create new and dynamic content in the time ahead. Norautron has already established sustainability as a focus area, and management accepts the strategy moving forward, which makes my job very exciting.


From home office every day to a new office in Horten
Ellen has been working from home since Norway closed during the pandemic in March 2020. She joins us after spending the last 3 years in another Horten business, Zenitel, but she has been working out of Zenitel’s Oslo office. In Zenitel she had a central role as Channel Marketing Manager and worked closely together with partners and colleagues from all over the world, focus being Partner programs, integrations and product launches.

VPE for Marketing & Sales, Kenneth Dåstøl is content with the hiring of Ellen!
“We have been looking for someone with the qualities and knowledge that Ellen has, and we are very pleased that she chose to start working for us. She has an outspoken and positive personality, and a great asset to the Norautron Team. Ellen has in the short time she has been her gotten to know the business strategies, systems and profile as well as colleagues and processes. We can already see that Ellen has great ambition with the further development of our profile and establishing a flow within the channels we are known in. As a large Electronics Manufacturing company it is important to attract new and exciting prospects and customers. We trust that Ellen will focus on putting communication high on the agenda, and at the same time show our existing and potential customers that we are looking towards the future and continuing delivering quality EMS services.”