“Relentlessly determined to always achieve goals in the innovative way this industry sector demands”

Together with our customers we bring to market products that are at the forefront of the industry and essential to audio and data communication applications. Products are specified for the most demanding environments that exist today.



The Data and Communication sector is constantly evolving with new innovations and technologies. We are in at ground level helping our customers build their prototypes and first units. Our focus is always to reduce time-to-market and to manage these cost-intensive initial phases in a cost-effective manner. As components used are changing at the same pace as the market itself, we offer lifecycle analyses down to component level, to help our customers keep apace with the latest developments. Our global presence allows us to adapt the supply chain to specific needs and we have the capabilities to assemble products from complex builds to high volume deliveries. OTD and planned call-off agreements make sure that our customers always secured continuity of supply.