Meet our customers: Norxe

When Norxe was choosing a production partner for their electronics, people, quality and flexibility was some of the key factors they were considering.

In their premises based in Fredrikstad, Norway, Norxe develops, produces and markets high-end projectors for the simulator and training industry worldwide. Their customers include, amongst others, major players in the car and aerospace industry. Most of the company’s 30 employees are situated at Norxe’s headquarter in Norway, but the company is also present in USA, Germany, Singapore, Spain and UK. Seeing good profits previous years, Norxe are aiming even higher in 2020 with plans including both increased manpower and moving their Headquarter into new, larger premises.

When the company was established in 2015, it was decided that producing the electronics for their projector inhouse would not be one of the main value drivers. It was therefore decided to find a productions partner to which they could outsource their production of circuit boards.

-Norautron was chosen as our electronics producer after a thorough process. We did a search, both nationally and across the boarders to find the best fit for our needs. We ended up choosing Norautron for several reasons: short distance to the production site, a modern machine park and flexibility. We were a start-up at the time, and could need anywhere from one to potentially thousand units monthly in the future. Norautron showed a hospitality and flexibility that we really appreciated, explains Kjell Einar Olsen, CEO and co-founder of Norxe.

When asked about which factors was the most important when finding their electronics producer, the answer from Olsen is short and straight to the point:

-Most importantly, we need to feel safe that the provider delivers high quality. Secondly, who we deal with on the other side of the line must be decent people. When it comes to Norautron, we are dealing with decent, honest people, Olsen concludes.


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