Meet our new Business Development Manager at Norautron China: Mr. Jemmy Tao.

New Business Development Manager, Norautron China, Mr. Jemmy Tao

Norautron China continues it’s growth and with this comes the need for more manpower. Last month we welcomed Jemmy as a new Business Development Department Manager, where he will mainly focus on the areas of medical, aerospace, and general industry.
The new department manager will play an important role as a link between international customers with an interest in producing in China and Norautron, where he will assist the customers all the way from idea and planning to finished result.
Mr. Tao has got more than 15 years of experience within the electronics manufacturing industry and has got a great understanding of both technology and process.
He has previously worked within the high-end market and industries such as Medical, Industry, Aerospace and Telecom.

Jemmy goes by the mantra “thinking bigger can do best”, and by this you can rest assured that he will make sure to help you get the best possible result producing with Norautron in China.

We are excited to have yet another important role in place at Norautron and are happy to wish Jemmy welcome to the team!

Are you interested in learning more about the services we offer at Norautron China? Get in touch with Jemmy.