With LEAN in focus, the set-up time was reduced by 70%

Norautron continues to develop and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process at the assembly plant in Vänersborg, Sweden.

The company has become more competitive through compressing and optimizing the manufacturing area. This has resulted in an improved delivery performance and more involvement of the operators during the development of the manufacturing process. The outcome is also improved quality control of the products.

The planning of a smarter production set-up was started in the spring of 2016. Rather than streamlining the manufacturing area that was split in two separate buildings, it now all takes place under the same roof. The result is a reduction in the manufacturing area by 2000 sqm, without influencing the manufacturing capacity.

The re-build of the SMD line was done without any impact in the supply chain to our customers. The utilisation of the line is improved by 55% and the set-up time reduced by 70%

The feedback from the operators is solely positive as the noise level is significantly reduced and more sunlight is admitted to the production areas.

“A better working environment with highest degree of utilisation within the Group are off course inspiring results that urge us to continue the LEAN focus. Our main target is to be our customers preferred supplier” says Site Manager Martin Röing.

“If we can manufacture the products at a lower cost, it is of course something that also benefits our customers. Further on, we can invest even more in continuing to sharpen our already recognized strong strategic skills,” underlines Patrik Karlsson, Business Development Manager.

The operators Catarina “Cina” Henriksson and Wolfgang Nadler, assembling a product for Kvaser, are very happy with the improved working environment.