With the aim of making electronics production accessible and profitable for the Norwegian market, but also international customers, Norautron was founded in 1989. In 2019 they celebrate 30 years as an electronics manufacturer. What started out as a small electronics manufacturer with close to 20 employees, today, 30 years later has become one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the Nordics.

Norautron beach flags being carried by group of male employees.

-It all started when we took over the remains from OSWO Nord and continued the cooperation they had with a small number of customers in the maritime segment. Today we work with far more customers, and in several different segments. We usually say that we cover industries from “deep sea to outer space”, and work with customers within everything from Internet of Things (IoT), to health and aerospace, says Øyvind Sedivy, CEO at Norautron AS.

All time high in 2019

In 2015 Norautron AS reported sales of just over 1 billion NOK, with a steadily growing curve since the start in 1989. 2019 has been another good year, and the company is meeting yet another sales record. Thanks to dedicated, engaged and committed employees, successful customers and great customer relations, our turnover is reaching a new all time high this year, which we are very excited about! Tells Sedivy.

Major changes since start-up

Increased automation and robotization has led to noticeable changes at Norautron’s factories since the start-up in 1989. Processes that earlier on required several men are now being completed with a fraction on the people involved. Assembling is faster, are carried out more accurately in the exact same way every single time, and the employees are instead given more interesting tasks related to programming, operating and maintaining the robots.
-And the best part? Customers save money, and we are expanding! Adds Sedivy.

When it comes to the future, Øyvind’s answer is clear:
-I only see opportunities. Electronics are becoming an increasingly integral part of our infrastructure and everyday life, and the need for professional electronics manufacturers is continuing to increasing worldwide.

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