Starting in November, Kenneth Dåstøl has taken on the role as Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at Norautron.

Kenneth has previously worked with Zenitel Group for almost 20 years in various Executive positions, including being the CEO for the last 10 years. During his career Kenneth has been working in an international environment, with high focus on internal and external profitable top-line growth within market segments such as Maritime and Energy, Security, Transportation and Public Safety.

-We are very happy to have Kenneth join our team. With his experience and skill set I feel confident that our customers and sales team is in good hands, and that he will help us take Norautron to the next level, says Øyvind Sedivy, CEO of Norautron.

About his new role as EVP Sales and Marketing at Norautron, Kenneth says the following:

-I have very positive experience of Norautron from the customer side. I am excited to get a deeper knowledge of the company and our customers and to be part of the prosperous future and continued growth of Norautron!

Kenneth will play an important role in the continued growth for all Norautron sites and we are excited to have him onboard.

Kenenth Dåstøl, EVP Sales and Marketing, Norautron