Rottefella goes electric

Skiing is all about glide and grip. The position of the binding on the ski is a major contributor to this. Until now, the optimal binding position had to be chosen prior to skiing. With the new electric binding, the skier is able to adjust the position of the binding whilst skiing. Going uphill, you move the binding forward for the best grip. At the top of the hill, within seconds, you can adjust the binding backwards for the best glide. Small motors on the binding are engaged via Bluetooth by skier-operated buttons that are integrated into the ski pole.

The product is intended for any skier that want the best experience whilst skiing.

This has been a 3 way project between Rottefella, Semcon-Devotek and Norautron.

“Based on experience from several projects in the past, their multi-discipline experience, their flexibility, their sourcing capability and their geographical footprint – Norautron was chosen as our partner  for the final stages of the product development process and for volume production in the very near future.  For ten years, Rottefella has produced the only moveable cross-country bindings.  Now, with this new invention, we aim for the future, moving our bindings into a new area” says John Bratland Production & Supply Chain Director at Rottefella.

“We are delighted that we were chosen for prototyping, industrialization and manufacturing. At Norautron we will do our utmost to contribute to Rottefella’s success” says Norautron’s KAM, Bibbi Stålstrøm.