Robotics Care has selected Norautron in Vänersborg as their supplier of the main boards for their hygiene robot, Poseidon. The robot has generated interest within healthcare globally

Using this robot, more disabled people are able to shower without any assistance. Being able to managing themselves helps to increase both the users’ personal integrity and their self-esteem. At the same time, it reduces accidents in the bathroom, the single most reason for injuries within healthcare.
The user sits down in a chair that slides into the shower cabinet. The enclosed cabinet contains a cleaning solution of soap and water injection nozzles. The shower is automated through advanced software, sensors and motors. Each user has its own, distinct program.
”We are looking forward to the next series of prototype and the future series production. Being able to contribute to the development of a product meaning so much for many people is very inspiring. To receive this confidence, makes us very excited,” says Patrik Karlsson, Business Development Manager at Norautron Sweden.

Thomas Ryberg, the founder of Robotics Care and the innovator of the Poseidon hygiene robot was looking for a partner with high technical competence and long experience within electronics manufacturing.
“Norautron fulfils our high requirements and has, as we do, innovation and personal engagement as their strong, driving force,” says Thomas Ryberg.
The plan is to have Poseidon clinically tested and qualified, ready for market towards the end of 2016.

To the left: the Poseidon robot  from Robotics care. To the right: the cabinet is open, with the sliding chair in a tilted, outer position.