norxe – a technology company located in Fredrikstad, Norway

Even though norxe is a newcomer in the market for projector applications, the people behind the company are certainly not. The company, located in Fredrikstad, founded by people with a vast market experience being recognized as early adopters of new technologies. They saw an opportunity in the market that was not catered for by the existing players. The norxe products uses technology that is 4-5 x better than the current LED illuminated projectors, being more durable and requires less maintenance. norxe’ first product, the “P1”, was recently launched at the I/ITSEC 2016 in Orlando with a good response from the attendees. The production ramps-up in Q2-2017.

norxe’ projectors are used by professionals within: Simulation, V&R, Medical and Control rooms.

“At norxe we are focusing on our core business and trust the expertise from selected suppliers. For electronics prototyping and manufacturing, Norautron was the obvious choice. We felt “at home” already in our first meeting,” states Kjell Einar Olsen, CEO of norxe. ”The high product quality and the attention we got during the prototyping phase was crucial in our selection of the supplier for series production.”

“Norautron enjoys working with demanding and creative customers. People that trust us who want to benefit from experience and knowledge. We welcome norxe as an inspiring customer,” says Bibbi Stålstrøm, Key Account Manager at Norautron

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The norxe P1 projector which is launched these days.