Q-Free and Norautron enters partnership for Norwegian production of intelligent transportation systems at Norautrons premises in Horten.

Q-Free's modular camera system
The agreement includes the production of several advanced technological solutions, including a modular camera system, as well as different types of DSCR readers (Dedicated Short Range Communication) used for toll solutions, among other things.

Q-Free is a global and recognized supplier of both hardware and software for intelligent transportation systems. They operate in 16 countries and have customers all over the world. About the newly closed agreement, the contract manager and VP Supply Chain Management in Q-Free, Pål Almlie says the following:

«We are very satisfied with entering into a partnership with Norautron and are looking forward to the cooperation. In addition to providing competitive terms, Norautron have demonstrated great business culture, foremost through being professional, proactive and showing good understanding of our requirements. We believe we are a good fit and have good foundation to succeed together. »

Despite uncertain times in the market, Norautron has experienced steady growth during the last quarter, and has been able to continue to meet customer needs on time. With Q-Free as a new addition to their customer portfolio, Norautron will be able to continue the positive trend with yet another innovative partner on the team.

“We are excited about being Q-Frees new producer. The people over at Q-Free are highly skilled with a passion for what they do. It is especially fun to start the partnership off by contributing to the industrialization of a new and advanced product. The synergy between our two companies has been great from the beginning and we will continue to build on this going forward.” Says Even Engebakken, Business Development Manager at Norautron.