With fully integrated Human Capital Management, Quality Management Systems, Manufacturing Execution System  and Enterprise Resource Planning, our services range from prototyping, manufacturing & assembly, test development (both SW and HW), global sourcing, training, after sales services and product life cycle management. All our services are underpinned by supply chain management, quality assurance, program management and improvement programs.

We also act as an advisor in product development projects, and work closely with several dedicated product develoment partners.



Our New Product Introduction (NPI) team coordinates, builds and documents the introduction of new and relaunched products. We achieve this through standardized processes and gate reviews from the first cut to the ready-for-market production release.




With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly professional team, we manufacture high quality electronics and electro-mechanical products. Our expertise in complex production processes, plus an aggressive investment strategy make us our customers’ number one choice.




Norautron provides Extended Electronics Manufacturing Services, delivering the right quality at the right time. Our continuous improvement of processes and solutions puts us at the forefront of the market – a flexible organization with the right capabilities.




Working in a PLCM perspective in order to reduce lead-time, secure continuity of supply, and optimize total cost of ownership




Due to long experience with IPC training Norautron offer both internal & external IPC training cources.
In addition we offer training cources on subjects related to complex electronic production.




We offer customers a wide range of after sales services, to ensure that we can satisfy the customers need for a solid life cycle management program for their products.




Norautron provides true Product Life Cycle Management ensuring the right quality, OTD and price, throughout the lifetime of the product.