With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly professional team, we manufacture high quality electronics and electro-mechanical products. Our expertise in complex production processes, plus an aggressive investment strategy make us our customers’ number one choice.



Norautron`s global manufacturing services are continually expanding, mainly due to our highly skilled and dedicated employees. Our focus on exploiting this global expertise and the latest within process technology has made us a solid and effective manufacturing partner for our customers and we have built a reputation as a partner that can be trusted to build and test high-end electronic products. With our long experience of production for the Maritime & Defence sectors, Norautron has the necessary credentials to build products that are required to function in harsh and hostile environments. Our close cooperation between mechanical and electromechanical production sites ensures cost-efficiency and high quality products, and often helps reduce time to market.



  • Electronics, electromechanics & mechanical
  • Lean production
  • High level experience with complex HLA
  • SMT lines with multiple AOI & SPI systems
  • Dedicated repair & upgrade team
  • Online WIP tracking & process monitoring
  • Traceability at component level
  • Extensive IPC & process training program
  • Laser marking of PCBs
  • X-ray inspection & analyses
  • Paperless documentation & ECO handling