Product Life Cycle Management

Norautron is a full service electronics manufacturer established in 1989.

We offer customers flexible and cost effective services, that help improve their competitive edge. Norautron provides services ranging from design, test development, prototyping, PCBA, cable harnessing, electromechanics, advanced box build, system integration, industrialization to product lifecycle management and after sales services. We are a trusted and highly competent partner for a number of global players. Norautron headquarters are situated in Horten, 80 km south of Oslo.



Norautron provides true Product Life Cycle Management ensuring the right quality, OTD and price, throughout the lifetime of the product.

With fully integrated Human Capital Management (HCM), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we serve our clients a range of services, all underpinned by supply chain management, quality assurance, program management and improvement programs.

QRTECH AB, also an EMBRON company, offers product development and engineering services within HW and SW design. QRTECH and Norautron combined offers true Life Cycle Management for your products.


Optimization: Norautron provides true Product Life Cycle management ensuring the right quality and price throughout the lifetime of the product.

Cost Reduction: Norautron pursues cost reduction without compromising quality. From cradle to grave, products are validated through continuous improvement programs from a total cost of ownership perspective.

Manufacturing Transfer: Norautron provides seamless international manufacturing and supply chain competence transfer. Risk- and quality management are key factors in ensuring continuity of supply.