New contract award for Norautron AS  – potential annual value NOK 20millions

Sonitor Technologies AS has chosen Norautron AS to be their production partner for their SmartBadge™ (a staff badge) and their next generation Location Transmitters for use with the Sonitor Sense™ RTLS Platform.

Sonitor™ Technologies is a leading provider of Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions linking the physical world with the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time visibility and connected intelligence. As the first and only company to use proprietary ultrasound technology as the primary technology for indoor positioning systems (IPS), Sonitor’s platform automatically tracks the real-time location of moveable equipment and people with 100% room or sub-room level accuracy in complex, indoor environments, such as hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. With an open integration platform, Sonitor provides the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software application solutions covering many uses in healthcare and beyond such as nurse call, patient flow, workflow and capacity management, hand hygiene and infection control and asset and inventory management. The products are distributed globally through a network of partners.

The Sonitor Sense™ RTLS platform combines proprietary high definition Ultrasound technology with Wi-Fi and LF, delivering a completely scalable solution that supports a broad range of applications. The Sense technology platform consists of Sonitor’s location transmitters (LTs), gateways, and SmartTags (tags and badges). LTs are wireless (power over Ethernet (PoE) optional), multi-function, battery-operated (4 standard D cell 1.5V standard batteries) devices that are mounted on ceilings (via simple clips) or walls and are assigned unique identifications (ID). These LTs transmit ultrasound signals that are synchronized by gateways and are then picked up by tags/badges that also have a unique ID and are embedded with the logic to know their location. When the tags/badges receive the location information from the LTs, they communicate that location instantaneously via Wi-Fi to a server, providing the exact location of that tag at the exact moment the signal is received. Ultrasound LTs can combine both ultrasound and low frequency transmitters in a single unit and enhance positioning accuracy and the update rate of the SmartTags that receive the ultrasound signal.

The SmartBadge complements the range of Sonitor Sense™ tags. The SmartBadge design is similar to most standard staff ID badges. Staff ID badges can be attached to the SmartBadge either horizontally or vertically by using appropriate accessories.

Two versions of the SmartBadge will be manufactured; with or without an alert function typically used for staff duress applications.

Prototypes will be manufactured at Norautron in August and pre-production units later in the year. Full production of the SmartBadge will begin in the 1st quarter of 2018.

The potential annual value of the contract  is NOK 20million.

Sonitor chose Norautron as a result of extensive due diligence, finding Norautron to be competitive and to have an appealing, flexible manufacturing operation.

More information on Sonitor Technologies can be found at their web page;