In the occasion of his one year anniversary at Norautron, we had a chat with our Norwegian Business Development Manager, Even Engebakken, to see what the first year has been like.

What made you apply for a job at Norautron?

I was actually headhunted! As part of that process, I was invited to visit Norautron’s production site in Horten.
I am very interested technology, and have a background in production where I worked a lot on improvements, so when I got to see all the cool processes at Norautron I was immediately sold!

What does a normal workday look like to you?

My workday consists of finding new customers, meeting with potential customers on Teams (while I hope to soon be able to invite customers to in-person meetings again), understanding their needs, prepare offers and hopefully they choose Norautron as their electronics producer! I really enjoy getting to know all the awesome, new thinking companies out there!
You’ve worked at Norautron for a year already!

What’s your favourite memory from the year that has passed?

There’s already a lot of memories to choose from! It’s been full throttle from day one in a company that never stands still, not even during a pandemic. I got a warm welcome in Norautron and was put right to work along with lots of trust and helpful colleagues. And of course, the moment a customer chooses us a production partner will always make up some of my favourite moments too!

Finally, what’s the best part of working at Norautron?

That there’s so many good things gathered in one company. I would describe it as a type of super combo of talented people performing high tech production both locally and globally. The products we produce vary all the way from deep sea to outer space. How cool is that?!

Do you wish to know more about producing at Norautron? Get in touch with Even!