NPI & Prototyping

Design Strategy

Exceptional quality and cost efficiency in designs include manufacturing experience at an early stage. In the world of electronics and mechanics we offer our perspective. 

Even the simplest of things can have a big impact

DfX - Design for Excellence

With over 30 years of manufacturing products ranging from deep sea to outer space applications, we add our knowledge and expertise into every prototype. Early-stage design data combined with experience on what "what good looks like" might change the design path. 

It's more than just checking for errors

It is a series of decisions about potential downstream problems made during the design phase with full impact, cost, quality needs and schedule requirements. The earlier in the design cycle the problems or trade-offs are found, the least costly modificaitons are to implement. For electronics we talk about Design for Fabrication and Design for Assembly. But there are other design perspectives as well:

  • Manufacturability

  • Enviroment

  • Fabrication

  • Test

  • Cost

  • Reliability

  • Assembly

  • Availability

  • Reuse

  • Automated Assembly

So  before you go through all your design gates, explore what Norautron as a manufacturing partner can contribute with. 

Include your manufacturing partner early

Ideas and concept discussions

If you have concerns about component placements, processes, automation potential, IPC standards, cost impact, supply chain recommendations we might have important insights to provide. It might be a rough bill of materials (BOM), a sketch, need for typical lead times for planning purposes. Reach out to us and be better equipped for challenges down the road.

  • Sustainability concerns
  • Automation potential
  • IPC standards
  • Estimates
  • Process questions

Plan for later

Forming requirements and project plans

Norautron provides insigts into availability, lead times, typical manufacturing lead times. Your Bill of Material plays a major part of manufacturing cost. Tap into our experience and form better plans.

  • Project planning
  • Supply chain recommendations
  • Traceability
  • Cost impact
  • Component selection and availability

An extra pair of eyes with manufacturing in mind

Design work and reviews before prototyping

A PCB layout has an impact on manufacturing cost. Component placement, spacing, orientation, panel configuration, inspection strategy, labelling etc.

  • Schematic design
  • Component placing
  • PCB mechanical size and properties
  • PCB layout
  • Test strategies
  • Rohs Reach environmental reporting
  • Production documentation package
  • Sheet metal design

Our mechanical factory in Poland will work with you as a design partner and finalize your designs on an hourly basis. With our own factory at hand, design, quoting, manufacturing prototypes and the final product work hand in hand. 

Contact us for more information about:

Quick feedback, with what's next in mind

Rapid prototyping and 0-Series

During prototyping, our skilled operators record process events that impacts quality, speed and test results. Conformance to IPC standards are by default a part of prototype reporting. Norautron has a standardized gating process that hands over prototypes to production. Our project managers has the final say on whether or not the product is fit for serial production.

  • Manufacturing
  • Operator instructions
  • Test and validation
  • Recommendations
  • IPC standards
Be ready to go full speed

Preparing for serial production

A lot of preparations are required to launch new designs and updates. Work closely with your design partner to make sure you can go full speed ahead when new designs and changes are validated. Norautron provides quotations for serial production, test equipment and lead time considerations so you can secure material early. 

  • Securing material
  • Making resources and capacity available
  • Considering automation 
  • Going through questions of scalability
  • Test equipment and results database integration