Product Life Cycle Management

Understanding the lifetime of the product!
Norautron provides true Product Life Cycle Management ensuring the right quality, OTD and price, throughout the lifetime of the product.

Understanding the lifetime of the product

With fully integrated Human Capital Management (HCM), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we serve our customers with a range of services, all underpinned by supply chain management, quality assurance, program management and improvement programs.

After Sales services is an increasing part of our business. It’s our goal to ensure that all products meet or surpass our customers’ expectations, therefore we are constantly seeking to provide the best services needed for our customer. Building long-time relationships based on a common understanding of what a Life Cycle Management program includes, is a key factor to our success. Due to our in-depth understanding and long experience of building complex electronic and electromechanical products, we have built up the key competence to build, analyze and develop products and processes.

Our expertise

Providing experience in Product Life Cycle Management, ensuring the right quality and price throughout the lifetime of the product.

Cost Reduction
Pursuing cost reduction without compromising quality. From cradle to grave, products are validated through continuous improvement programs from a total cost of ownership perspective.

Manufacturing Transfer
Experience seamless international manufacturing and supply chain competence transfer. Risk- and quality management are key factors in ensuring continuity of supply.

Our promise
We always strive to become better in everything we do, all the way from efficiency and quality to the way we influence the local society and the environment. As a major player in the electronics industry, we take our responsibility seriously. We are constantly making conscious choices to reduce our environmental footprint and will do what we can to support our customers on their journey towards a more sustainable future.

Lifecycle Status Component lifecycle reporting to understand what and when to introduce alternatives, new component technologies and consider last time buys. End of Life management and inventory control are also important aspects to keep control of.
Sourcing Analytics

Norautron can help reduce risk by analyzing availability, multisource options, compliance and lead time. Understand Environmental status with reports on RoHS, Reach, SHVC, component material contents and manufacturing country of origin on component level.

After Sales Services

Refurbishment, repairs, root cause analysis is an extended service. Spare part swapping, strategic component inventory. Let us know your needs and we can tailor a solution.