Ocean Technology

Norautron has been a supplier to global players in this sector for decades, our track record and competencies have kept us at the forefront of process knowledge in an industry facing the challenges of technology-driven globalization.
Products range from simple data processing units to complex system builds, our specialization is products for high-end low volume builds, and globally price-competitive high-volume production.

Harsh enviroments?

The Maritime and Offshore sector is the one of the fundamental pillars of our operation, a market we have been serving for over 30 years. Our heritage is built on the demanding merchant marine segment, where the environment is harsh and our customers` tough. Manufacturing and technical transfer is essential for this sector, for both geographical and economic gain, something we have been successfully doing for our customers since 1996. As a result, we offer a global sourcing apparatus and a flexible supply chain, set up to optimize price, quality and OTD. Our sites around the world are fully owned and operated by Norautron thus ensuring that our customers` respective IPRs are kept strictly confidential and safe.