Competent, engaged and responsible

Professional at the core

With a highly professional team operating state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture high quality electronics, electro-mechanical products, mechanics and complete box-build ready to ship products. We strive to make a difference for our customers, offering our expertise in complex production processes in a flexible high mix setup that serves a broad range of applications and markets.

Our most important asset

Our people

Norautron`s global manufacturing services are continually expanding, mainly due to our highly skilled and dedicated employees. Combining local and global expertise with the latest within process technology makes Norautron a solid and effective manufacturing partner for our customers.

We have built a reputation as a partner that can be trusted to build and test high-end electronic products.

You will experience engaged and motivated employees that take pride in production and customer service. We have a goal of 100% IPC 610 and 620 certified employees and have the competence to train both internally and externally. As a cornerstone company we also take social responsibility offering skilled worker education and participate in developing electronics competence in our community. Every customer gets a Key Account Manager that takes care of the business relationship and customer specific needs.

A powerful combination of skills, systems and processes

Smart manufacturing

Connecting the processes and controlling a flexible high mix environment are production sites with a highly developed Quality and Manufacturing Execution System. At Norautron we have process monitoring and traceability down to components and serial number level. We base everything on IPC class II and III standards and have digital flow control and operator instructions. 

Over the years we have continuously developed our factories along with the latest technologies and industry innovations and will keep investing for the future.

Rest assured that the fundaments are in order and keep exploring our core manufacturing services.


Modern equipment and systems

With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled professional team with the focus on sustainable production of Electronics. Located on 4 production sites in Norway, Sweden, Poland and China with modern production equipment, we manufacture high quality electronics and electromechanical products. Delivering service range from low to high volume.

Electromechanical Assembly

You will recognize the passion

Highly skilled personnel know how to wire the most beautiful cabinets and advanced box builds. Providing considerable in-house experience over the past 30 years of producing Electromechanical Assemblies.


A broad range of mechanical manufacturing services

Connect to over 20 years of strong industry expertise that provides tailormade possibilities within the field of Mechanics and with advantageous locations for logistics and manufacturing.

Box build - High Level Assembly

Focus on the future while we complete your products

Let your company focus on developing products, selling and brand awareness and let Norautron handle the supply chain, production and distribution.