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Norautron, a company in EMBRON Group, is a full-service electronics manufacturer established in 1989.

We offer customers flexible and cost-effective services, that help improve their competitive edge. Norautron provides services ranging from Industrialization, Manufacturing, NPI & Prototyping to Product Lifecycle Management and after sales services. We are a trusted and highly competent partner for a number of global players. 

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As a service provider with a long track record, active in the international market since 1989, we see that our core processes and challenges as an EMS provider are the same regardless of market sector.

What`s more, delivering tailored results for specific segments often gives us positive spin offs that can be exploited by customers in other sectors and markets. Nevertheless, every sector has its own demands which must be acknowledged and addressed. Having the branch-specific employee skills and knowledge, tight contact with the distribution channels and the right manufacturing expertise are all crucial in order to both understand the customer and to serve them with the right customer service capabilities.

Ocean Technology

“At EMS forefront for merchant marine and complex offshore installations”

A supplier to global players in this sector for decades, our track record and competencies have kept us at the forefront of process knowledge in an industry facing the challenges of technology-driven globalization.

Products range from simple data processing units to complex system builds, our specialization is products for high-end low volume builds, and globally price-competitive high-volume production.

Electricity & Energy

Electricity and Energy is a highly competitive and cost-challenged sector. To help our customers deliver and succeed we analyze production methods and advise on the choice of components to optimize cost reductions and production. Norautron has a dedicated team that works with change management and documentation. Our customers’ products are constantly changing therefore we are obliged to change with them. We have extensive experience in the field of Design for Manufacturability as well as Design for Excellence. 


Defense  & Aerospace

“Sourcing and manufacturing to meet the customer’s needs and demands”

Norautron AS has over the years been engaged in several programs within the defense market, delivering to high end surveillance systems and command & control systems within the most sophisticated technology existing in defense systems today. We produce equipment for mobile subsea platforms to airborne applications.

Connectivity & Computing

The world increasingly becomes interconnected with systems, tools and sensors providing new insights and ways to do business. Connectivity and computing enables businesses to harness digital tools, such as cloud computing , big data analysis, signal interpretation and artificial intelligence to change the way we live our lives.


“Reflecting the Kaizen methodology in our complete range of EMS services”

Our customer-focused team takes responsibility throughout the value chain and provides a clear vision in which you can trust. We pass on to our customers the competitive edge we gain from being present in several market segments across different continents. Continuous product upgrades and ensuring product lifecycles are part of our clear objectives.


“Addressing the technical challenges of human-technology interfaces”

Norautron cooperates with several customers in medical technology. Application examples include products in cardiology, quality assurance in diagnostic radiology and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dedicated to the technological advancement of products we constantly strive to add value and exceed expectations. Competence transfer in collaboration with our customers ensures optimized time to market in the upmost price-competitive way.

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