Product Ramp Up

Norautron sets up manufacturing processes according to customer documentation. Printed circuit board assemblies, advanced box builds, cabinet assemblies, mechanics or a combination of them all. 

With 4 production sites world wide and modern production equipment we can ramp up products from their beginning and manage production needs all the way to the end.

An electronics manufacturing partner on your team

Providing cost and risk optimal manufacturing that fits customers business models

Launching and updating products to market is an art. Volume expectations, production complexity, supply chain considerations and much more require close cooperation. At Norautron we consider our selves part of the customers team and take great pride in providing our best advice and experience. 

Since 1989 we have launched thousands of products and have assisted our customers every step of the way. Read more about the advantages of having Norautron on your team while ramping up your product.

Creating a scalable low risk global footprint

Norautron offers manufacturing setup's that fit the customers business models. Standardized equipment and systems enables easy transfer between sites, paralell production and also multi site setups. 

Country of origin as part of the product value Many companies consider country of origin as an important part of the product branding and end value. Made in Norway, EU Sweden or Poland and China are options Norautron can offer. 
Forecasting and securing material

Today's supply chain situation requires close cooperation. Norautron helps provide lead time information, cost options, capacity considerations and production improvements. It all has to play together to get products to market and we will do what we can to assist. Securing components to be able to ramp up production while prototyping or upgrading products is key.

Improvements, teamwork and quality in mind

Going from prototyping to serial production is a transition where lots of good things happen. Every decision made during prototyping will be put to the test and further tuning oportunities are found. Norautron believe the best improvements are enabled by closly cooperating with the customer and will welcome the opportunity to implement changes for the better.