Norautron cooperates with several customers in medical technology. Application examples include products in cardiology, quality assurance in diagnostic radiology and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.


Addressing the technical challenges of human-technology interfaces

Dedicated to the technological advancement of products we constantly strive to add value and exceed expectations. Competence transfer in collaboration with our customers ensures optimized time to market in the upmost price-competitive way.

Certified in in Sweden and China to ISO 13484:2003, our customers trust us with their patients as well as their products and IPR; trust cultivated over several years. To help our customers meet the tough demands within the sector, we offer a team that specializes in configuration management and complete tracking of components and products. In order to live up to our customers’ expectations we go the extra mile to facilitate the production of their specific product. Norautron culture is based on flexibility and a dedicated workforce. We offer global sourcing and may offer various ways to combine production from our different production facilities. The result of this is a cost-effective and flexible solution adapted to the needs of our customer.

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