With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled professional team with the focus on sustainable production of Electronics. Located on 4 production sites in Norway, Sweden, Poland and China with modern production equipment, we manufacture high quality electronics, delivering services ranging from low to high volume.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

A high quality setup

As a baseline Norautron productions lines have 3D Automatic Solder Paste Inspection, 3D Automatic Optical Inspection before reflowing and 3D AOI after production. For high volume production we can offer Inline 3D x-ray. We have a flexible and efficient setup for through whole components with several selective soldering lines.

Have PCBA's that requires the extra miles?

Additional capabilities

- Conformal coating
- Flying probe
- Ball grid rework equipment
- Press fit
- Custom line automation
- Product specific test equipment 
- Thermal testing
- Lab services with 3D x-ray and Micro sectioning
Electromechanical Assembly
Box build - High Level Assembly