DfAA - Design for Automated Assembly

Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA) is an important design method allowing evaluation of a product design and its suitability for automated assembly. It may be applied to early design phases as well as more finished products, normally as an iterative process and a cooperation with a goal of achieving automated production.

Team up with Norautron to automate and create custom assembly lines

Include us in design and improvements

Through dialogues with customers, both existing and potential customers we gladly provide guidance and sharing of knowledge within electronic product design and production. This benefits both the customer and Norautron as a manufacturing partner.

At Norautron we have engineers focusing on continuously improving production efficiency and quality. Depending on estimated production volume needs we may propose which solution is most suitable with regards to investments and possibility of scaling. Pre-studies and simulation can be performed to help decision-making. In cases where volume, complexity or lack of resources is evident we have a large network of partners to discuss with.