Electromechanical Assembly

Highly skilled personnel know how to wire the most beautiful cabinets and advanced box builds. Providing considerable in-house experience over the past 30 years of experience in producing Electromechanical Assemblies.

Complex Electromechanical Assemblies

With a high level of moving parts, we closely monitor our supply chain partners to ensure that all custom parts, such as plastics, turned and milled machine items, and fabricated metalwork, comply with our stringent quality and delivery performance standards.

Our experience in establishing lean lines enable us to produce complex electromechanical assemblies. Our postponement manufacturing and direct-ship fulfillment capabilities provide robust yet flexible electromechanical solutions.

When you open the cabinet, you know Norautron made it!

Fits right in

Complimentary capabilities

  • Cable harnessing
  • Battery welding
  • Console assembly
  • Racks
  • Advanced sub system deliveries like consoles

  • Military box builds
Box build - High Level Assembly