Logistics & Distribution

From order to end customer. B2B or B2C handled by qualified and certified employees. Approved exporters and border crossing competence shipping across the globe.

Full service provider

Complete value chain competence

Norautron provide our customers with qualified and certified expertise within the logistics and distribution field, competent to handle our customers shipments and storage of products and components. Managing logistics throughout the entire value chain is something we take great pride in, and we also provide the flow of all components from different suppliers from all over the world.
Managing daily logistics and distribution of the incoming and outgoing flow of goods, we can deliver a cost-effective solution for our customers by meeting the demanding timetables of logistics. We have invested in Autostore in our facilities, automating the process to make it more cost effective and easier for all.

Norautron has a competitive advantage providing the right qualified expertise, with highly skilled employees within the field of logistics. Norautron also has close relationships with many of the world’s foremost electronic component suppliers and logistics providers. Always making sure that our customers are satisfied at all times.

Made in Norway

As a company founded and based in Norway, we have a competitive advantage in regard to providing good customs duties, approved exporters and border crossing competence.