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Rapid prototyping that sets you up for what’s next

Fast track always, dedicated people, equipment, and processes.

It is not by chance we are good at it

Rapid prototyping

Whether it is a first prototype validating PCB design, 0-series or a major product change, Norautron has the production setup that let its customers get their answers while running business takes it course.

Consider it a fast-track lane to get your products first to the market or updated with the latest technology. And the best part, we have experienced people and professional equipment to industrialize afterwards.

Three major advantages 

Dedicated to your project

One point of contact from start to finish

Project managers within our New Product Introduction (NPI) team coordinates, builds and documents the introduction of new and relaunched products.

Each project get is own project manager that follows the entire process until the product is ready for serial production. We achieve this through standardized processes and gate reviews from the first cut to the ready-for-market production release.

Add insights and advice

Highly skilled technicians in every step

Experienced NPI technicians operate a dedicated SMD line and documents the process. They know what works and care to share.

Our in house NPI facility complies with all preferred IPC industrial standards and as your prototype goes through each process, recommendations are identified at an early stage and is part of the delivery.

Critical path thinking

Deliver quality the fastest way possible

Norautron’s process for prototypes is built on quality and lead time as its primary drivers. We manufacture in the same type of equipment as serial production. It’s about making it right first time and ready for the next.

Our NPI team does everything from customer contact, purchasing components, use dedicated equipment so that the project leadtime follows the critical path and that the path is as short as possible

A partner with a wide range of capabilities

Printed Circuit Board Assembly PCBA

Typical prototype series 1-25. All process steps are setup to perform in serieal production. Improvement opportunities and conformity agains IPC standards are recorded and provided in protoype reports. 


Test capabilities

Norautron has the capability to perform initial testing and create dedicated test equipment. Read more about it


First cut electromechanical assembly

Norautron has highly skilled personnel that can take first cut electromechanical design, built it and create build documentation. Read more 


Complex box builds

Norautron's systems provide detailed traceability, digital assembly instructions to highly skilled operators. We assemble fully tested complex electronics into finished products and perform as a key manufacturing partner for UAV's, tolling cameras, military systems, aviation products and more.



High precision machining, Welding & assembly, Sheet metal processing. Read more about Norautron Mechanics


Cable harnessing

Cable harnessing internally as well as sourcing from trusted suppliers go well with complex box builds and electromechanical assemblies.


Battery welding

Norautron can weld lithium ion battery assemblies, manufacture battery managment systems and assemble battery packs.  

Rapid 3D print services (SLA, ABS)
Plastic mock up parts for first validation of design can be produced in-house or at trusted suppliers. 3D printing is also used to optimize operations.
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