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NPI & Prototyping

Norautron has extensive experience in supporting worldwide customers going from prototyping to serial production. With dedicated prototype project managers and production equipment we deliver quality products rapidly and create the necessary production documentation for when the product is ready to ramp-up.

Making the difference

Norautron understands the important role that NPI (New Product Introduction) play in optimizing new products and time to market. With our experience, we can make the difference by helping customers launch complex products, and can provide substantial engineering analysis, technology and manufacturing optimization to achieve the customers goals.

We provide our own NPI team with extensive experience within documentation, design, quick turn prototyping, product verification, and transfer to series production.

Our expertise

  • Dedicated project managers
  • Highly skilled NPI technicians
  • Experienced process engineers
  • Dedicated SMD-line and operators for prototypes only
  • Quick response and delivery services
  • Standard – risk on running analysis (FMEA)
  • Preliminary test capabilities
  • Design for manufacturing analysis (DFM)
  • Design for testability analysis (DFT)
  • Extensive prototype report services, including total cost analysis.
  • Rapid 3D print services (SLA, ABS)
  • First cut electromechanical assembly
  • High level and complex box build
  • In house NPI facility complying with all preferred IPC industrial standards
  • Sheet metal design
  • Simple PCB layout design

Whether you are in the design stage looking for advice, ready to prototype or need test development, Norautron is your partner.

Design Strategies

Make sure to get the right design from the start!

With over 30 years experience of manufacturing products ranging from deep sea applications to outer space we add our knowledge and expertise into every prototype. 

Rapid prototyping

Prototypes delivered at a fast pace and ready for full scale production!

A key advantage when selecting Norautron is our dedication to personal project management and rapid prototype small series production. We have dedicated equipment and highly skilled personell to ensure customers get fast verification and get ready to ramp up.

Test development SW & HW

Production process verification that delivers supreme quality 

Norautron offer test development and test systems that ensures stable production and happy customers.

When is it right to involve Norautron?

Are you developing a new product?

Even if your product or PCBA design is not ready, you can save a lot of cost and time to market by involving Norautron early.
Already have a functional prototype?

Next step is to industrialize your product

With a working prototype and a proof of concept, you can explore how Norautron can help you ramp-up production, make smart automation solutions at the right time and setup a supply chain that matches your ambitions.


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