NPI & Prototyping

Test Development SW & HW

Norautron offer test development and test systems that ensures a stable production and happy customers. Tailor made solutions integrated with test databases and online connections to customers. 

Test strategies, equipment and data collection

Get this part right before products hit the market

The test development services range from defining test strategies to implementing test equipment throughout the products lifecycle. Each production site has their own test engineers with extensive experience and will assist in product monitoring and problem solving.

Our goal is to have customer products running smoothly, give feedback on products behavior over time and find solutions together.

Define test strategies

Norautron's involvement starts with how and what to test even before the prototype design is ready. In an iterative process together with the customer we can provide test options, evaluate cost impacts, robustness and scalability.

  • We adapt test data collection to each customer based on their needs and preferences
Custom made test equipment

We mix our own designs with trusted standard equipment. National Instruments is often used as HW and SW base platform. For custom designs we apply:

  • ZUKEN eCADSTAR for schematics and PCB layout.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 for mechanical design.
Create test strategies while prototyping


Make sure you have accounted for testing while prototyping. Norautron's NPI process can do initial small series testing as well as suggesting the right setup for industrializing the product. Read more about design strategies and rapid prototyping. 

Manufacturing setup to match customer ambitions


A working prototype, proof of concept and testing capabilities is great, explore how Norautron can help you take the next steps in ramping up production, make smart automation solutions at the right time and setup a supply chain that matches your ambitions.